Our Services

DACH INTERNATIONAL SERVICE LIMITED provides a multi-disciplinary range of services supported by seasoned foreign technical partners and we have capabilities to handle the projects listed below;

     Structural geotechnical and environmental geotechnical work.
     Soil Sampling
     Sediment and Surface Water Sampling
     Piezometer and Monitoring Well Installation
     Groundwater Sampling (including low-flow methods)
     Aquifer Testing (slug, packer, and pumping tests)
     Contaminant Fate and Transport Modeling
     Hydrogeologic Analysis
     Geophysical Evaluations (surface and borehole)
     Waste Management
     Water quality Analysis
     Mechanical System Evaluation
     Foundation Stability & Design
     Environmental Site Assessments
     Fire Protection Studies
     Aquifer Testing (slug, packer, and pumping tests)
     Contaminant Fate and Transport Modeling
     Geophysical Evaluations (surface and subsurface)
     Applied research in geotechnical and ecological engineering.
     Environmental Impact Assessment
     Quantification and management of geotechnical and ecological risk
     Numeric modeling of geotechnical problems and calculations for geotechnical construction and
    parametric studies.
     Laboratory test in accredited geomechanics laboratory.

     Site Survey
     Project Management
     Layout and foundation design
     Building superstructure design
     Building finishes schedule
     Structural design and detailing
     Road design
     Surface drainage
     Oily water separators
     Effluent treatment tanks
     Security fencing and gates
     Service trenches
     Pipeline racks
     Process input to equipment data sheet
     Safety equipment specification
     General Civil engineering constructions.

     Client interface and reporting
     Cost Control
     Create Project Plan, Deliverables and Milestone Scheduling
     Discipline Interface Management
     Change and Process Control
     Contract Administration.
     Project Progress, Tracking, Resources Control and Back Up Plans
     Integrated Subsurface Studies
     Onshore and Offshore Services.

     Procurement Support Services
    o RFQ’s Preparation
    o Tendering and Assessment
    o Placement of Purchase orders and Subcontractors
    o Vendors Document Expediting
    o Expediting Materials and Equipment Deliveries
    o Inspecting and Releasing of Materials
    o Logistics and Transportation.
     Oil Field Equipments.
     Drill Bits/Pipes/Casing
     Flow Control Equipment and Accessories
     Filter Equipments and Screens
     Valves Activation Equipment.
     Chokes
     Well Heads
     Completion Accessories
     Gasket/Jointing Materials.

     Tug Boats.
     Barges.
     Marine Hoses/Ropes
     House Boats
     Work Barges
     Crew Boats
     Supply Vessels

     Hydrology
     Hydrogeology
     Groundwater Modeling
     Land Use Planning
     Watershed Studies
     Relationship Between Land Use and Water Quality.